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Mail Spool Manager v1.5
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Author: Derek Versteegen (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: February 7, 2011 3:39 PM
Version: 1.5
Views: 20,115
Downloads: 497
License: GPL (GNU General Public License), Version 3


One of the common tasks over looked by server administrators is the handling of undelivered e-mail messages generated from web sites. CFMail Spool Manager (cfmsm) is an application extension to the ColdFusion Administrator. Added as a custom link, the tool is accessed directly from the left navigation menu. The application gives you the ability to preview, edit, remove, and resend e-mail messages that did not get processed by the ColdFusion Application Server. A scheduled task is included that allows e-mail notifications to be delivered (to system administrators) when a [configurable] threshold is met.

This application delivers a clean, easy to use interface that you are already familiar with even if you've logged into the ColdFusion Administrator for the first time. It's an effective tool for ensuring communicates generated by the web are also delivered.

1.) add alternate mail server for notifications
2.) add SMS and/or IM notifications
3.) add page to modify settings

Last Update:

1.)   pagination
2.)   consolidated variables
3.)   scoping variables, now using Application.cfc
4.)   current version comparison
5.)   all files were updated, please note:
   a.)   Application.cfc (new file)
   b.)   ApplicationProxy.cfc (new file)
   c.)   all files moved to a "cfmsm" folder
   d.)   the "mailspool-" filename prefix was removed
   e.)   inc-pagination.cfm (new file)
   f.)   inc-udf.cfm (replaces inc-udf.cfm)
   g.)   list.cfm (replaces view.cfm)
   h.)   notification.cfm (replaces notifcation.cfm - typo in filename)
6.)   removed need for getApplicationRootPath() function


ColdFusion 8 or 9

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